Production company

Arctic Action is a registered production company. This is not our main goal or purpose – we are a stunt team after all – but on occasions we have produced films and theatrical plays, both as independent productions and in cooperation with others.

Our productions:

  • 2021 – Enemy blood – Short film – With Raunow Productions
  • 2020 – The Kicksled Choir – Short film -With Fjordic Film
  • 2018 – Myrhull – Short film – With Fjordic Film
  • 2018 – ÆKSJN – Play – With Festspillene i Nord-Norge
  • 2016 – Peter Pan – Play – With Hålogaland Teater
  • 2014 – Artlab # 13 – Play – With Hålogaland Teater
  • 2013 – Ella and the dark – Short film
  • 2012 – H is for Hydroelectric Diffusion (ABCs of Death) – Short film – With Fantefilm
  • 2012 – Brothers in arms – Short film

Learn more about:

Stunt work

To be a successful stunt performer requires a high level of physical skill, industry knowledge, specialised training and experience. You also need the proper mindset – no daredevils allowed.

Stage fighting

We have created fight scenes for 100s of theatre plays and live action shows, be it hand-to-hand or armed combat, historical or contemporary styles, one-on-one fights or huge battle scenes.

Workshops & training

We train actors in specific stunt skills for a production, including complex weapons handling, fight choreography, breakfalls and wire work, so they can do as much as possible of their own action scenes.

Historical weapons

We have a great selection of combat grade swords and other weapons from many different time periods